**NEW V11.0** with enhanced support for blinds with tilt

Somfy Generic RTS and DCT Driver Set: one driver for ALL your RTS needs !

This driver set enables you to control Somfy RTS blinds connected to one or more Somfy URTSI II (16 channels each), and/or one or more Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitters (16 channels each) and/or one or more Somfy myLink (16 channels each). Older RTS transmitters are also supported, such as the Somfy URTSI (5 channels), the Somfy RS232 to RTS with X-10 (16 channels) and the Somfy RTS-Dry Contact Interfaces (1 channel each). In addition, Somfy DCT (Dry Contact) blinds may be controlled using a set of relays (2 or 3 relays) for each blind.  The driver is capable of SIMULTANEOUSLY connecting to a cluster of myLinks, a cluster of URTSI II (up to 16 in an RS-485 network) and a cluster of RS485 RTS Transmitters (up to 16).

Download this driver from https://www.drivercentral.io/domosapiens